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  • Karabük GoTürkiye

    A substantial part of Karabük is situated on the western extension of the North Anatolian Mountains. Karabük's canyons have a special status among its natural beauties.

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    In addition to the natural beauties, provided by its nature parks, rivers, deep canyons, vast forests, caves, fragrant flowers and wildlife, Karabük is also one of the most intriguing places of the Black Sea Region because of its preserved historic Safranbolu houses going back to the 17th century, as well as its markets and cuisine.



    One of the cultural assets of the Eflani district is the Eflani weaving (Eflani Çember Bezi), also known as Cember.



    Karabük has a rich culinary culture. Here are some of its main local delicacies...



    Karabük's touristic district Safranbolu received its name from the saffron flower, which is famous for its colour, smell and economic value.



    Karabük's canyons have a special status among its natural beauties. The canyons, which are mainly in Safranbolu, emerged through deep cracks in the limestone layers.

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    Houses of Safranbolu: Safranbolu is a model city that maintains all features of traditional Turkish social life within an urban scale, and presents its historical and cultural works to all people.



    48 hours

    in Karabük

    After a nice breakfast on your first day in Karabük and a view over the city from the Safranbolu Hıdırlık Hill, you can start to visit the historic architectural buildings...